Tarot Cards are a part of Divination. There are many other ways of divination some witches use a pendulum, Scrying Mirrors, Use Runes, Spirit Boards, Crystal Balls, Tea Cups, and Gemstones.

I, however use the Tarot cards. They call to me. This is a deck of cards that consists of up to seventy-eight cards. They have two parts to them the first is made up of fifty-six cards called Minor arcana. The Minor Arcana has four suits of fourteen cards – Swords, Pentacles ( Coins), Wands ( Staves), and Cups. They come from the deck we use today from ace -ten, Page,Knight, Queen, and king..We dropped the Knight and Page- nw we have the Jack (also known as Page) Queen, and King.. The Major Arcana consists of twenty-two cards- these each have a symbolic meaning.  I found helpful for the original Tarot Deck Here 

 My Decks

I have two Tarot decks that I use. the one i got when I first started the craft was at Book a Million. I was looking and looking for one that called to me and when I found it I was so excited. I felt like I was complete. It was called The Animal-Wise Tarot  by Ted Andrews this link will take you to BAM. This deck has the seventy-eight cards. This deck is based off of Nature, however it still has the basic structure of a original deck. In The Animal-Wist Tarot the major Arcana reflect more on the Spiritual Journey and our Spiritual Life. In the Minor arcana will reflect more on our mundane activities and journey.In this Tarot no card or animal is above the other.

The other deck I have is called The Seeker’s Guide to The Hidden Path.This deck has a total of forty cards.I love this deck it is very good at letting me do my own thing. You can establish your own practices.The great thing about this deck is that you can use it no matter your path. For this reason the deity name on the cards. and they use names that are universal. For this deck it is recommended to have The Well Worn Path because they “complement” each other. The well Worn Path has an addition forty cards. However, they both have a complete system not depending upon each other.

For this page I will be doing a reading once to twice a month. Maybe more depending on how much I have going on. I will state what deck I am using, what Spread and what the card means.I will summarize what I believe the card is saying to me.

Blessed Be