What do you need

  • Smudges of sage,
  • Cedar,
  • Sweetgrass
  • A candle

-Ground and cast your circle, Invoking the elements/directions+ invoking only deities or guides to help.

-Light a candle invoking the divine light / Welcome the elements of fire, wash yourself  with the light apply the sage to the candle flame. get it smoldering.

-Go around the home in a counter-colck wise direction, Wafting the smoke in every corner and closet.

-In the center of each room draw a circle or mental, Above and Below

-At every window , and every entryway work the smudge, in a circle spiraling into the center, or draw a pentacle with the smudge

Say; as you go around

Cleans they some and make it clear- Only good may enter here

-Snuff out the sage

light the cedar , go around the home using the same process – *except go clockwise

With the cedar Say;

Blessing grace this cozy place, All joy and peace may it embrace

-After you have gone throughout with the cedar light the sweetgrass go in a clockwise direction through the home.


Infinite; powers of the divine protect and bless this house through time

Repeat outside if possible with pentacle seal

End with :

By the powers of the divine this home is blessed; Blessed be