My Year and A Day

For this part of my log I will be using A year and A Day By Timothy Roderick  I will be posting everyday. I will tell you what is needed and a summary of the day. I will try and post pictures and or videos. I will be starting this journey on Jan 1, 2017. With in teachings you would normally start on October 31 ( the Feast of Samhain) and February 2 (Candlemas) because this is a time of little or no magical growth. However this is not  rule.

I will hope that you as well follow the path with me everyday. I will be posing the items that you will need in advance just as he does in his book. I encourage you to not skip any days because  his book is based off a day by day teaching, You and I will be learning daily magickal workings, Meditation and spiritual exploration. I also will post the full- moon nights.

  • remember I am posting this as a journal for my self mostly. Thought I would share my experience with you. This is my path. I am in no way trying to say your path is wrong or in just. Keep an open mind.***
  • Also there will be a lot of times when candles and herbs are needed * keep you health and safety in mind. Never use a herb you may be allergic to. and NEVER leave a candle burning in an empty room.
  • Don’t try to combine two days in one.
  • Be patient. learn a and grown as an individual. You may uncover not so good things about yourself. this is you learning to be a better you. work through it. you’ll be happy you did.
  • There are going to be days that you will not be able to go outside. This is ok. work in side where you feel comfortable.( I live in wyoming so it fairly cold here right now).

Name This is one of my first things I did when I found my path. I wanted one that went with my Number. Hope it works for you.