Dec 27,2016


Three Realms Spread

this works the current situation, the spiritual influences from above, that are the root of what you draw unto your life experience.

what is connected to the teaching of the soul contract. The soul enters unto each life with a specific plan, purpose and goal.

The spread can aid in viewing and discerning the progress of  the contract by examine what is transpiring on different levels.

Works on the mundane level to enhance you understanding of conditions related to relationships, career, finance, and other areas of your life.



The Trees Trunk -1-4 (starting at the bottom to top)

The world in witch you live, the influences that are contributing to the condition of your life.

The Trees Branches and leaves ( top- left to right)

These represents the higher nature or the divine influence. To help guide and direct.

The Trees Roots ( bottom right to left)

The roots are the deep patterns that arise not only form past-life experiences – also from trauma in the current life.

Cards delt



 Card 1- what is the picture saying to you about your physical condition?


” let the magic work’ Let go of trying to control the situation. Can also mean an indication of romance or a chance meeting that results in something special.


Card 2- What is the picture saying to you about your mental condition.

Elder Staff 

Indicates that you have reached a position in witch you can offer  guidance or direction to others.

Also-need to move on in some manner. serves as a greater community or worthy cause.

Card 3-What is the picture saying about your spiritual condition?

Oak King 

A person or situation arises or arrives that can lead to success, gain, and growth.


Card 4- What is the picture saying to you about your emotional condition?

Three Great Mysteries 

A life passage related to birth, life, and death. An event is unfolding,this will create a profound change in your life and your relationship with others.


Card 5- What divine or higher force affix to the soul in material life

Tree in Winter

This is a sign that preservation is needed, conserve, stay put, endure.


Card 6-The influence on the soul regarding its ability to commutate convey and create

Astral body 

Normal methods and views are no longer applicable. New ways of seeing and operating are needed – new vantage point


Card 7- How change is directed or maintained regarding the souls experience in life.

The Watchers 

Awakening of new personal vision and an understanding of your place in the cosmos.Guidance is available,However, direction is subtle and requires deep attention to inner voice.

Also indicate something is going to be revealed or that others are already aware without your knowledge.


Card 8- How compassion ,love, and empathy surround the soul in life.

Sacred Grotto 

The closing of a rite of passage or personal journey. Now leads to a new cycle/chapter in ones life- return, one in witch the roles, conditions, and relationships have changed and must be honored.


card 9- What sets and sustains the material condition.

Faery Door

Something is finally revealed or accessible now. The way forward is clear for the traveler.The journey ahead holds unexpected gains and delights that will have a profound effect.


Card 10- What connects draws in and sends out


You are at the meeting point of cause and effect. Choices and actions, or lack thereof have delivered this outcome. Now is the choice before you and you must accept responsibility and do what you inwardly know is right.


Card 11- What brings the element of change and transformation.


Seems as things are frozen or stagnant, forces must be brought to bear now that will break, releases, or free the situation. find your motivation perfection come form lighting the fires that will bring about change.


Card 12- What causes flux and flow or lack thereof


“your word is your bond” Its meaning is to keep your word and to be true and authentic to yourself.

Blessed be.