Day 1- Earth Centered Spirituality

In the past earth centered spiritual practices were customary. There was nothing but nature. We relied on it for survival.The seasons were a part of our lives. We knew the warmer days would come and the growth that followed, We knew that the harvest was important and didn’t take it for granted. We knew the frost and death of the winter snow was the way of the earth replenishing  herself for the next year.Woman new the way of the moon and the importance she had of healing and childbirth. Men knew the way of the animals. the way the herds moved, knew the way of the hunter and hunted. We didn’t take anything for granted. We learned the way of the earth.

This is where Spirituality was born not in some philosophical notion.This is where we root from. The Earth.

For today:

Go outside and find a nice green patch of earth.(you’re not able to go outside,  find a spot in your home, get a pot of earth) feel the earth in-between you fingers. find a plant feel the petals, the leaves the branches that holds it’s weight. Breath deeply and let the energy of it flow through you.

Close your eyes and imagine that you’re sitting next to a strong tree. notice the roots and how vast they are. There connected to you, the animals, plants, and objects. Now think about the connection you have to people how some relationships might be stronger than others.

When you feel like you are finished open your eyes and ask yourself. These questions are straight out of the book.

  • In what way was my connection strong?
  • What do you suspect in the reason for any strong connections?
  • In what way was my connection to things weak?
  • What do I suspect is the reason for any weak connection?
  • What actions can I take that may strengthen any weak connections?

Keep all this in mind today as you go about your day. If you feel the need,Write it down in your own journal. I would keep a journal just for your Year and A Day. Also I would date it