Candle Magick

Candle magick is one of the simplest forms of magick. If you are just starting out in the craft, candle magick is perfect for you. I love candle magick, It in it’s own way a self-contained system of magick. it represents the four elements, the candle mostly represents the element of fire, however is also has the element of Earth by the unburned wax, Air by the smoke of the flame, and Water by the melting wax. With all of the elements combined we get Akasha or Spirit.

Two candles should be places on your altar – one for the goddess-right – and one for the god- left. You may want to place one in the center on your altar for meditation.When doing spells ( depending on the spell) you may light one of the candles for what your working. Say you’re working a fertility spell you may light the right candle- for the goddess.

There are two ways of putting out a candle when working with magick. Blowing out a candle releases magick power. Two is snuffing or pinching the candle this way you send the magick power.

When buying candles you will learn that some lasts longer than others. you will get better at this. You’ll be able to look at a candle and know how long it will last for a spell or ritual. By using the same brand or style of the candle of course.

**well go more in detail with how long you need a candle to last in the working of a candle spell**

* Some say never use a candle that has been used/lit  for another purpose/spell/ritual-This is debatable in the community. Only because if you use it for good only good/positive energy resides in the candle.*

Each of the elements is represented by a color and one of the four quarters.

Earth -Green-North 

If you feel like one candle is not going to be enough you may use one or more candles in the appropriate color and quarter..

*Remember only take what you need and a bit more.*

Blessed be