Colors & Meanings

Colors & Meanings


So, for my first post I decided to tell you all about Candles and the meaning. I love doing candle magick I feel connected to the elements this way. when you go to the store and pic a candle for the house you focus of the smell of the candle. In witchcraft, you focus on the color and the size of the candle. Smell is a bonus but if you have a spell the requires a few different colors you’re not going to want a bunch of different smells in the house or your magick room/space.


let’s get started


*FYI never leave a burning candle left alone*


Black – a lot of people thank that just because you have a black candle you must be doing “black Magick. “Well hate to break it to you there is no black magick. -In truth, the black candle is used for Protection, limiting, repelling and over all serious matters.


Light blue- is a gentle color and provides an action for healing, understanding and a calming. If your feeling over stressed or you don’t understand something. Sit and focus on that and let the light from the candle help you.


Dark Blue-you can use a dark blue candle for when you want to help with your spirituality and to help get you creativity flowing, or maybe you need a little inspiration. This is wonderful if you have a group of people and have a project due or you just want to try something new. (as I am writing this I have one going)


Brown- this is for mother earth and as she can, so does the brown candle help to draw healing and to help calm the nerves. make you steady. I love using this candle with the light blue.


Copper- the copper color candle is to signify wealth, if you’re in a bit of a hardship, or your looking for a job, now with this candle you also have to know it doesn’t just mean money. It focuses on your development as well.


Gold- This is masculine, can be used for winning, success, stability, to build confidence and strength. the god candle can be used to help with fertility spells.


Green- Mother Earth – healing, planting, growth.


Orange- power, this color is used to help power up other spells. give them a boost to say.


Pink- This one I love it’s for friendship, and love. You can use pink for any kind of emotional spell really. It draws in the energy that you need.


Purple- this is a great spiritual color you can use this with a black candle for protection, or with a dark blue for enhancing spirituality, over all you can use this color to help with any spell.


Red- When you think of red you think stop. But I think action, courage, and achievement in my craft.


Silver- is linked to the Goddess. You can use silver for any spell for female. or for intuition. – You know because we always know.


White- This is used for clarity, something/ or on that need to be purified/ cleansed. Maybe you need to find the truth. I love this color. I use a white candle when cleansing the home and when I get/make a new trinket.


Yellow- This color is the same as gold. It is the color of the sun and doing do has the power of the God. Can be for any Masculine spell


When spell casting be careful. You may get what you asked for. Also, remember the threefold law


An’ it harm none, Do what ye’ will


Blessed be everyone

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